The village of Adrasan lies 90 km, southeast of Antalya, has 3000 inhabitants and is part of Kumluca local authority. Most of the inhabitants live by cultivating the beautiful orange and pomegranite groves. In addition there are olive and pine trees and in the many greenhouses various types of vegetables are grown. In recent years tourism has developed in Adrasan, and is becoming an important part of the local economy. This is also reflected in the languages spoken, with English and German heard almost everywhere. The village has been known as Adrasan for centuries and despite changing the name to Cavusköy in the 60`s, it can still be seen on the local roadsigns. The centre of the village is approximately 3 km north-east of the bay. It is a Turkish village with typical tea-houses in which the local men meet to play “Okay”, drink “cay”, talk about political and economic developments within the village and Turkey in general. The village has a cottage hospital, it`s a first-aid centre for acute services, a chemists, several markets, the “Jandarma” (their role is as the local police), a school for 7 – 15 year olds, the local town council and other small shops selling hard-ware and agricultural equipment.